Image matching solution: PicMatch

JUNE 3TH, 2014

PicMatch is the engine to search for images matching with a given image.

PicMatch can search through several hundred thousand images in a database in a few seconds.

Features of PicMatch

1. Automatically extracting ROI (Region of Interest) from the images.
2. Finding images matching with the ROI from the image database.
3. Combining with OCR engine to recognise texts in the images.
4. AR (Augmented Reality) support.

Application 1: Book automatic stocktaking

The system uses PicMatch to automatically identify and extract the book back-covers from the images of bookshelves. It then uses PicMatch to perform matching on the images of back-covers to identify the books.

This automatic stocktaking system is used in Japan bookstores to perform stocktaking on their book inventory.

The recognition accuracy has currently reached 92%.

Application 2: Trading-card recognition and stocktaking

Trading-card is a kind of card played in Japan with a large number of patterns and is usually sold in bookstores or game shops.

The challenge is to recognise the patterns of the cards and to identify them during the process of stocktaking.

The system using PicMatch as the image-matching engine has reached the recognition accuracy of almost 100%.

Application 3: AR (Augmented Reality)

Marcs is an AR service that uses PicMatch.

Start the app in your smartphones, and the app would recognise the logos or products in front of the camera. It then displays 3D effects or videos on top of the product image.