Trusted R&D contractor for Japan leading research institutions !

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Trusted R&D contractor for Japan leading research institutions ! A.N.Lab helps you from planning, development to service running.
Q1. Is it free to ask for a quotation ?

Yes. There is no charge for the quotation.
In addition, after the quotation you can try our services for free for two weeks before deciding to contract.
Q2. In what language the communications would be ?

Our staffs speak fluent English. We can support Japanese or other languages if requested.
Q3. I don’t know how to write a technical specifications to precisely describe the software I want to build.

We can help you with writing specifications. We will listen to you to find out what you want to build, help you write it down in technical language, explain and confirm it with you before building.
Q4. Does A.N.Lab support the Agile development process with frequent requirement changes ?

Yes we do. We usually do an 1-week Agile release cycle.
In that case, the charge would not be project-based, but would be on the actual man-months spent.